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Beijing Private Tours

If you are a first comer, here is the typical one day to four days private tours that you can choose from depending your time availability and personal interests! We can also customize the tours for you and arrange private tour guides.

Beijing Private 1-Day Tour (Forbidden City+Great Wall [CL-D-01A]

Beijing Private 2-Day Highlight Tour with Huanghuacheng Wall [CL-D-02A]

Beijing Private 2-Day Tour with Mutianyu Great Wall [CL-D-02B]

Beijing Private 3-Day Highlight Tour with Huanghuacheng Wall [CL-D-03A]

Beijing Private 3-Day Tour with Mutianyu Great Wall [CL-D-03B]

Beijing Private 4-Day Tour [CL-D-04A]

Beijing Private 1-Day Tour ( Great Wall+Summer Palace) [CL-D-01B]

Beijing Private 1 Day City Tour (Tian’anmen Square & Forbidden City, Summer Palace) [CL-D-07]

Beijing Private 1 day city tour (Tian’anmen Square & Forbidden City, Hutong & Temple of Heaven) [ CL-D-06]

Beijing Private 3-Day Tour (with hiking from Jiankou – Mutianyu Great Wall) [CL-D-05]

Beijing Private 3-Day Tour with One Evening Show (Acrobatic Show or Kongfu Show) [CL-D-03C]

Beijing Private 4-Day Tour with one evening show (acrobatic show or kongfu show) [CL-D-04B]

Beijing Private 3-Day Flexible Combo Tour [CL-D-03D]

Beijing Private 1 Day City Tour (Temple of Heaven & Summer Palace) [CL-D-08]

Beijing Private Muslim Foodie Tour including Visiting Top 3 Mosques [CL-F-02]

Authentic Old Beijing Hutong Food and Beer Tour [ CL-F-01]

Authentic Local Food Tour in Center Beijing [CL-F-03]

Beijing Craft Beer Fans Hutong Dinner Tour [CL-F-04]

Old Beijing Private Hutong Food Tour [ CL-F-05]

The Great Wall is one of seven wonders in the world! Catherine Lu Tours takes the opportunity to bring your guys to do hiking along the wall and whether you are adventurous hiker or just plan to do a quick or medium walking on the wall we provide many choices! We provide only Beijing private great wall tours and Beijing private tour guides. 

Great Wall at the Mutianyu Section [CL-G-01]

Great Wall at the Huanghuacheng Section [CL-G-02]

Hiking from Jiankou to Mutianyu Great Wall [ CL-G-03]

Hiking from Jingshanling Wall West side to East side [ CL-G-04]

Great Wall Hiking 4 Days Tour (30 km/18.7 miles) [CL-G-05]

Huanghuacheng to Xishuiyu Hiking 1 Day Tour (8km/5miles) [CL-G-06]

Gubeikou to Jinshanling Hiking 1 Day Tour (12km/7.5miles) [CL-G-07]

Jiankou-Mutianyu Gubeikou-Jinshanling 2 Days Hiking Tour (22km/13.7miles) [CL-G-08]

Huanghuacheng Great Wall+Dingling Tomb+Sacred Way [CL-G-10]

Great Wall at the Gubeikou Section[CL-G-11]

Mutianyu Great Wall+Dingling Tomb+Sacred Way [CL-G-09]

Gubei Water Town with Sunset Night Tour on Simatai Great Wall[ CL-G-13]

Private Simatai Great Wall tour[CL-G-12]

Private Great Wall Fancier’s Day Tour: Mutianyu and Huanghuacheng Great Wall [CL-G-06]

If you want to stretch your leg, explore more outskirts of Beijing. Here are different options!

Longqing Gorge & Guyaju at Yanqing County [CL-L-01]

Cuandixia Village [CL-E-02]

Ten Ferry-“Little Guilin” [CL-E-03]

East Qing Tombs [CL-E-04]

While much of the city is focused on rapid expansion and reaching for the skies there is a more peaceful and traditional side to the capital, filled with culture, single story courtyards and tree lined streets. Hutongs refer to the many narrow alleys that intertwine much of the city, though to Lao Beijing Ren ( traditional Beijingers’) the phrase represents much more. Hutong life represents an age old peaceful way of life where neighbours meet in the street to play Chinese chess and share a drink. We offer only Beijing private tour and private tour guides.

Hutong Tour By Rickshaw Near Shishahai Lake [CL-H-01]

Hutongs Near The Liulichang Antique Street [ CL-H-05]

Hutong Tour By Subway & Foot [CL-H-02]

Lakeside Amble With Beihai Park [ CL-H-03]

Nanluogxiang Tour Exploration By Bicycle [CL-H-04]

Forbidden City Private Walking Half Day Tour [ CL-W-01]

Hutong Private Walking Half Day Tour With Drum & Bell Tower [CL-W-05]

Summer Palace Private Walking Half Day Tour [CL-W-02]

Huong Private Walking Half Day Tour With Prince Gong’s Mansion [CL-W-06]

Temple Of Heaven Private Walking Half Day Tour [CL-W-03]

Jingshan Park (Coal Hill) & Beihai Park Private Walking Half Day Tour [CL-W-04]

Beijing Private Half Day Tour with Transportation
We offer Beijing private half day tours and private tour guide with some customization.

Tian’anmen Square & Forbidden City [CL-A-01]

Beijing Private Night Tour With Tiananmen Square [CL-N-01]

Beijing Private Night Tour With Houhai Lake And Olympic Stadiums [CL-N-02]

Beijing Private Night Tour With Local Duck Dinner And The Acrobatic / Kongfu Show [CL-N-03]

1 Day Private Walking Tour (Tian’anmen Square, Forbidden City, Jingshan Park, Beihai Park, Hutong Area) [CL-W-07]

Are you going to have a long layover in Beijing? How do you plan to kill your layover time? Why not hop off the plane and take a quick tour of one or two "must see"sights in Beijing - the Great Wall, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square...? In fact, a layover can be a memorable part of your trip and fun! If you have a longer layover of 8 - 14 hours, then the Great Wall of China awaits you and you can also select our Beijing layover tours bringing you to other Beijing highlights such as Forbidden City, Tiannamen Square and Olympic sites, etc.

Mutianyu Great Wall Layover Tour ( Beijing Flight Layover ) [CL-L-01]

Tiananmen Square & Forbidden City Layover Tour [CL-L-02]

Beijing Night Layover Private Tour From PEK Airport [CL-L-03]

Private Layover Tour To Mutianyu Great Wall Forbidden City And Tiananmen Square [CL-L-04]

Private And Flexible Beijing Layover City Highlights Tour From PEK Airport [CL-L-05]

If you take the Pacific cruise and want to take any tour in Beijing and we can pick you up at the port and tour the city of Beijing or pre cruise arrange the tour in Beijing and drop you off at the port in the end!

Beijing 4 days Private tour with one way Tianjin Port Transfer [CL-TP-06]

3 Days Private Tour in Beijing city with round Tianjin Port Transfers [CL-TP-03]

Tianjin Port – Beijing Round Trip 2 Day Private Tour with Overnight in Beijing [CL-TP-07]

Tianjin Port Beijing Private Transfer with Beijing 4 Days Tour [CL-TP-04]

Tianjin Port Beijing Transfer & Mutianyu Great Wall Excursion [ CL-TP-01]

Beijing 3 days Private tour with one way Tianjin Port Transfer [CL-TP-05]

Tianjin Cruise Port Beijing Transfer & Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City Afternoon Tour [CL-TP-02]

If you have alreay covered the main hightlights in Bejing and want to try something different, here are the different choices! We offer private tours and tour guide only.

Biological And Historical Study Tour [CL-B-01]

Tour To The Imperial Palaces [CL-B-02]

Modern Architetures Tour [CL-B-03]

Local Markets Tour-Food, Flower, Cothing [CL-B-04]