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Leading Beijing & China Tour Operator
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"Great Wall And Summer Palace English Speaking Tour"

 Clients: Mary Conik
 Nationality: England

Frances, a delightful English speaking tour guide, made our day to the Great Wall of China and the Summer Palace the highlight of our week long trip to the Beijing, China area. She was friendly, engaging, and very informative. The experience was flawless. She kept the driver in the loop to our needs and he was readily available to move us from venue to venue. The restaurant she took us to near the Great Wall was the best Chinese food we had the whole trip. Great value and money well spent. I wish happiness and longevity to Francis and Catherine Lu tours. Catherine Lu handled our arrangements via email…all done very professionally and honestly. Catherine Lu quickly responded to email inquiries and Francis showed up at our hotel on time and ready to go with a safe driver. Say “Hi” to Francis from Mary, Amy, and Jeff if you get her for your tour.

Visited November 2012

Mary Conik

"Catherine’s Tour Guides And Drivers Were Brilliant"

 Clients: Kath Bolton
 Nationality: New Zealand

We just returned to New Zealand after 4 days in Beijing, shown around by the caring and capable tour guide from Catherine Lu tours, whose name was Francis. She was an absolute delight – full of knowledge and stories of China and its history, but also comfortable with Western ways, which made us very comfortable too. Although Francis is considerably younger than our over-60 group of four, she adjusted her pace to suit our tired feet and aching legs. Francis not only showed us around and added excellent insights into what we were seeing, she also took care of purchasing our tickets for admission to all the parks and sights, and for the pedicab ride through the hutongs, and this made everything so much quicker and easier for us. She also took care of ordering the various dishes at lunch. One day, we left a souvenir behind at a restaurant and Francis ran some distance back to retrieve it for us. What a gem! Judging by most of the reviews for Catherine and her team, it is clear that when Catherine herself can’t be your guide, she assigns someone equally as good. I haven’t met Catherine, but Francis is an excellent replacement. Francis made us feel so well informed, relaxed and cared for. It was joy to meet her every morning. Catherine also booked drivers for us, first to meet us at the airport and transfer us to our hotel, a driver for every touring day, and a final driver to take us to the train station. Every driver was courteous, safe, and drove us in a clean and spacious vehicle. In addition to these services, Cartherine booked our first night dinner at Da Dong restuarant – and without her booking we would never have got in – as well as our train tickets in Business Class from Beijing to Shanghai. It was a thoroughly professional, friendly service all round, and in our opinion she well deserves her top ranking on TA. And if Catherine is not available herself, ask if Francis is available. She is an absolute delight. BTW, special message to any Aussies booking Francis through Catherine: we have already taught Francis that the All Blacks are the best – sorry about that!! And a message to Francis if you’re reading this…we miss you.

"We Had A Great Time!"

 Clients: John Sen Mah
 Nationality: America

My wife and I had a great experience with Frances. She was very attentive, knowledge able and her language proficiency was great in our opinion. We loved her attitude and despite the fact that I had been to Beijing a few times already, she was very good at informing my wife and I about little bits of knowledge outside of history that we found very rewarding. The driver was great and we were very happy with the restaurant she selected for us.

Thanks Catherine,

John Sen Mah

"Thank You Very Much!"

Clients: Rudolf and Sandra
 Nationality: German

Dear Catherine,

Back in Germanywe would like to give you a short feedback of our impressions in Beijing where we have had a really lovely time with Frances.

Frances, the guide you had provided us for these three days, mainly contributed to the success of our visit. With her competence, her deep knowledge of history, her understanding and empathy for us Frances made these three days to an unforgettable and outstanding experience.

Thanks to Frances we experienced the ancient history as well as today’s China in a variety and diversity we never had expected. Please give Francesfor us the highest possible rating.

Thank you very much for your professional service. ?We will be happy to recommend you to our friends.

Best regards

Rudolf and Sandra

"We Were Assigned An Excellent Tour Guide!"

 Clients: Myly and Christian Posse
 Nationality: Frances

Dear Catherine,

We couldn’t have had a better tour guide! I have already recommended her on Facebook. She was smart (knowledgeable on so much history and culture, her English was excellent, she was kind, social (she never let the silence go on too long, as this can be awkward). The restaurants she chose were excellent. You definitely have to use her as much as possible.

All-in-all, she was extremely respectful, but so comfortable to speak with. I just really liked her (as did my husband).

Driver: they were on-time and proficient. I didn’t feel unsafe at all. I do understand that driving is a challenge in Beijing, so they did a wonderful job not making us feel scared. 🙂

Thank you so much for helping us have a wonderful time in Beijing.

Myly and Christian Posse

"Wonderful Trip In China"

 Clients: Jeffrey David Wyatt
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

As I told you on the phone before we left, we had an excellent time in China and your guides were a big part of the reason why.

Frances in Beijing gets 5 stars all around. Her English proficiency was excellent, as was her knowledge of the sites, her personality, and her overall willing to help with anything we needed. She also suggested great restaurants and things for us to do on our own. We could not have been happier!

Zoe in Xi’an gets 4 stars all around. She had good knowledge of the sites and good English skills, but her pronunciation was sometimes a little difficult to understand. There was a bit of confusion about restaurants at the Terracotta Warriors site and we ended up at a restaurant that was not good. With a little bit of extra preparation for food recommendations and a little polishing of her English pronunciation, should could be a 5 star guide.

David is also a 5 star guide all around.  He clearly knows Shanghai inside and out, has great English skills, and was willing to customize our tours on the fly according to what he saw we were interested in.  It is clear that he has a lot of experience and I feel like we were really able to maximize our time in the city with him as our guide.

Overall we were very happy with the entire experience and would certainly recommend your tour services to people we know who plan to travel toChina. 

The only suggestion I would have for improvement, would be if the guides had a little more “insider” knowledge about the tourist markets. ?We were interested in shopping in the tourist markets and while they took us to the exact places we were interested in, I was hoping for a bit more guidance about how much I should be paying for things, what items to look for, what to avoid, etc. While this kind of knowledge is not necessarily expected of the guides, this would have been a nice extra touch that I’m sure future clients of yours would appreciate.



"You Will Not Find Better!"

 Clients: Tammy Flier
 Nationality: Australia

We did a day trip to Mutianyu (Great Wall) with Catherine in late August. She is brilliant! Her language skills are great and she was so nice an friendly. Our small (1 year old) son was with us and Catherine was patient with us when we had to go slower because of him. She explained so much of the history of the great wall and answered all of our questions about historic and modern China. We had a delicious lunch at a local eatery that was very clean and had great food. Catherine wen over and above by organizing tickets to an acrobatic show and a dinner reservation at Da Dong in Beijing. I cannot recommend her enough!
We also had Catherine arrange a tour to the Forbidden City which her colleague Cookie took us on. Cookie was lovely and knew so much about Tian’amen Square and the Forbidden City.

I would not hesitate in recommending Catherine to anyone – she is the best!

"Awesome Tour Guide! Great Experience! Delicious Food! Exhausting Day!"

Clients: Danielle Fryar
 Nationality: America

Private tour guide service: The tour service was awesome. Catherine was very personable and professional. She was also knowledgeable of each of the locations we visited. All of the facts shared were truly interesting. She made sure that the group was comfortable and engaged at all times.

Language Proficiency: Catherine spoke perfect English. We never had any issues understanding.

Quality of Service: Service was great. Pick up was punctual. The day was long, so we were exhausted by the end of the day. If your guide suggests to sell you tickets to the show. I would recommend doing it the next day or taking the option for the later show to give you time to shower and rest a little bit. We were exhausted after the warm day of a lot of walking. The van was very clean, air conditioned and comfortable.

Knowledge Proficiency: Top notch. As mentioned above, the group was totally engaged and excited about all that Catherine had to share.

Restaurant: The food at the restaurant was delicious. We had a couple with us that wasn’t that adventurous, so there were a number of dishes to suit us all.

Our group had a great time. If we’re ever in Beijing again, we will definitely use Catherine Lu Tours again to visit some of the other locations listed on their site.

One thing that was annoying, but out of her control was the Chinese thought that the black Americans were photo worthy, so we had to stop often to take photos. People were very quick to invade our personal space and approach the baby. It was surreal, but we didn’t allow it to spoil our tour.

Visited August 2012

"Beijing Tour – Excellent Experience"

 Clients: Frank & Mark
 Nationality: Britain

We booked with Catherine for a two day Beijing Tour prior to us joining a larger big bus tour from another company a few days later. Our goal was to hit all the other sites that our big bus tour wouldn’t cover. Catherine booked us with one of her best tour guides by the name of Amanda. We went to the Mutianyu -Great Wall,Temple of Heaven,Lama Temple,Capital Museum, Olympic Park and Ancient Architect Museumas well as walked through the beautiful Behai and Jingshan Parks. All went very smooth and was extremely easy. Catherine also arranged to have a car pick us up at the airport and drop us at our hotel the first night. If I did it all over again I would avoid the big bus group and just book everything with Catherine. Overall it was a fantastic experience made very easy.

"Wonderful Day At The Huanghuacheng Wall!"

 Clients: David Grace
 Nationality: Australia

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for your email. The trip was great and the guide Joey was very informative and helpful.

Language, knowledge and overall service was of high level.

The village restaurant was great.

Best regards,

David Grace

30th August


"The Best Of Beijing"

Clients: John Tepe
 Nationality: Britain

Touring with Catherine was an excellent experience, from start to finish. She worked with us from the very early planning of our journey to the very end, arranging two and a half days of touring, an airport pickup, and advice and contacts for guides Xi’an. Catherine’s knowledge of Chinese history and culture is thorough and she is happy to give you as much or as little information and insight as you please. We travelled to all the major sites with her (Tiannamen Square, the Forbidden City, Hutongs, Parks…) and got a real taste for normal Beijing life by visiting non-tourist restaurants and riding the bus. Catherine is very flexible and is willing to tailor everything to her clients’ needs, and is willing to adjust a tour on the fly. She can structure a day for you if you aren’t sure what to do, or she can follow a plan you have already made.

Given the high quality of her tours, Catherine isn’t always available; however she does have a network of guides and drivers and can usually accommodate you. We added an extra day to our tours and Catherine arranged a great day for us with her colleague Joey, who took us through the Summer Palace and the Temple of Heaven.

Professionally speaking, Catherine provides detailed invoices for costs and expenses and will met you at your hotel (or another meeting point of your choice) precisely on time, if not early. She can arrange train, excursion, and arts/theatre tickets for you. Everything is 100% transparent.

Catherine is well known and respected amongst guides in Beijing. Book early to avoid disappointment!

"Best Time In Beijing"

Clients: Winnie Tam
 Nationality: Canada

We visited Beijing for four days during the first week in August 2012 and booked Catherine for 2 of those days as our guide. We started working with Catherine at least 6 months before the trip. We told her what we wanted to see and what other recommendations she might have for us, from which we developed an itinerary for our two days. She took care of our train tickets to Xi’an for us. She also arranged a driver for us to go to the Great Wall on our last day there and made sure that he took us to a great restaurant for lunch.

Catherine is nothing but professional. She arrived at our hostel on time, provided us with stories about Beijing and China was we drove from place to place and ensured that there was always water available for us. She made sure we never over paid for services and booked us great tickets for the Kung Fu show. Catherine took us to fantastic local Chinese restaurants, serving local specialties at a very good price. She took us to the antique market (great place to take pictures) and the pearl market (much quieter that the silk market) and made sure we always got a fair price on what we bought.

By the end of our tour, Catherine was not only a great guide, we now consider her a family friend. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone I know that is going to Beijing, knowing that they will have a great time with Catherine as their guide.

"Personable, Friendly, Very Good!"

 Clients: Jeff Brunski
 Nationality: California, USA.

Catherine did a great job showing me and my wife around – took car of meals, getting taxis, bus rides, schedule, itinerary…totally worth the money…great value…was very interesting and informative. Didn’t leave anything to be desired. Dropped us off at the end of the day at the acrobat show, which was really cool, and though her work was done, her friend stuck around to find us a taxi after the show and basically threw himself on the hood of passing taxis trying to get us a ride. Incredible.

"Very Very Good!"

Clients: Ariel Klein
 Nationality: Italy

We spent 3 day in Beijing and based on the positive reviews on tripadvisor we have booked Catherine.
The program she prepared for us was very detailed and included all we wanted to do/see and more.
Great choice of Mutyanu great wall section as it turned to be the less crowded one ( and crowded in China, means VERY crowded) with the added value of the fun toboga ride vs the chair lift.
Catherine is extremely well organized, super punctual and knows beijing as her pockets.
Highly recommended

"Our Family Trip To Bejing In Summer 2012 Is Great!"

Clients: Lydia C. Hsieh
 Nationality: America

We are a family of 10 persons with four kids raning in age from less than 2 years, five, eight and 10 to two adults and two seniors. We ourselves have multiple opions on our sightseeing and restaurant choices as each person has different desire or need. Baby has stroller, naps, and nursing issue and kids need time for indoor swimming, adults need to take care of kids and seniors have to worry about their own strength. Overall, everyone wants to rest in the afternoon and go out for evening shows when possible. Catherine did a superb job in coordinating with all of us on sightseeing and foods and arranging multiple evening tickets for our enjoyment. Young and old are all very satisifed and happy. We would recommend Catherine to any age group.

"We Had A Great Hiking Day!"

 Clients: Matthew John Nardotti
 Nationality: America

Sorry it took so long to get back to you, but I just got home and doing this from the computer was easier than from my phone.
The tour was absolutely wonderful and Joey was very great. He was funny, his command of English was quite good, he had loads of interesting information that he was able to share, and he was very thoughtful when my friend was struggling to make it up to the mountain to the first part of the wall. I would give the tour a 5 star rating for sure. The three of us were very pleased.The restaurant was also very good and it definitely hit the spot.


"Catherine Is Amazing!"

Clients: Emila Damjanovic
 Nationality: America

A friend of mine put me in touch with Catherine when I first started planning the trip, she was beyond helpful and accommodating with so many different things that I needed to do/change.

Catherine booked a 1 day tour of Beijing (Tianamen Square/Forbidden City/Temple of Heaven and the Hutongs) for us (it was with her guide Amanda) and she helped us book our tour of the Great Wall. There is a long story with which I won’t bore you, BUT I made a mistake and missed one of our appointments and Catherine was so patient and generous to rebook and make sure that we got to see what we wanted to see.

Catherine also helped us book a driver to take us to the Great Wall (Mr. Sun!) who was just the sweetest man. We got picked in front of our place up at 3AM and got to the main entrance at about 4:30. He walked us up to the main entrance (to the stairs leading up to the wall!) to make sure that we didn’t get lost in the dark. We hiked around for solid 3 hours and then met our driver back where he dropped us off (he was exactly where he said he would wait for us!).

The fees/prices for the tours are very reasonable.

I am recommending Catherine to a friend of mine who is going to be in Beijing in September, and I will continue to recommend Catherine to anyone who is looking for a great guide in Beijing.

"Excellent 3 Days-History, Culture & Daily Life!"

Clients: Steve Boulay
Nationality: America

Worked with Catherine to arrange airport transfer and three days touring. Our guide was Steven, a nice, honest, smart 26 year old (soon to be married) whose knowledge of the historic sights we saw, willingness to take us to non-tourist restaurants and interest in sharing his thoughts on being a young man in today’s China were fascinating. Two 19 year old college students and my 50 year old wife and I were all charmed by Steven and really felt he was giving his all to share Beijing with us. Combined that with an excellent driver each day who dropped us off and picked us up right on que with cold water to boot was terrific. Given the foreignness of Beijing even for a family that travels a lot it was a good feeling to have ech day planned by Catherine’s company. I highly recommend them and felt the moderate fees more than worthwhile! Side note – Beijing in August is a furnace. Be prepared with hats, shorts and an umbrella for the sun or pick a cooler month!

"Wonderful Tour In Beijing!"

Clients: Stephen Noone
 Nationality: America


Ameya and I booked a city tour through you on July 29th and July 31st. Steven was our assigned tour guide, and I am happy to report he far exceeded any expectations we had. His knowledge, friendliness, helpfulness and commitment to provide a great experience is to be commended and should not go unnoticed. We communicated as such to him but I also wanted to let you know how pleased we were with him. While our time in Beijing was short, I am confident we got the most out of it. Please know that I will recommend you and your staff to any friends or family that visit Beijing.

A big thanks to you and Steven!


Stephen Noone

29th 31st July 2012

"We Had A Great Time In Beijing"

 Clients: Mie-Yun Lee
 Nationality: Asian American

Hi Catherine

I wanted to drop a quick note to say Joey was a wonderful guide and*perfect* for our children. We very much appreciated his friendly,easygoing nature. Our kids already miss him. I also think he did a very nice job yesterday when we could not get in touch with the driver. Joey was grace under pressure. Thank you!

Mie-Yun Lee

5th to 6th August

29th 31st July 2012



 Nationality: India

Dear Catherine,

Thank you so much for your email. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you, as I was stuck with all my work post the Beijing trip.

(a) James was in one word: EXCELLENT. He was very friendly and the three of us had a blast during the 3 day tour of Beijing. It was, as if we were meeting a long lost friend in Beijing.

(b) Language Proficiency: His command of the English Language was very good for a person from China.

(c) James had an outstanding attitude of service and we really enjoyed the time in the city.

(d) His knowledge was also pretty good as we went around navigating the city. I highly recommend him to any of your clients.

The driver was good and the car that he arranged was also very clean and in a great condition.

Next time I come to Beijing, I would love to meet James and perhaps do another hike on the wall or even visit Xian…

Thanking You So much for a truly Wonderful trip!

Best Wishes,


"Thank You Very Much For Your Arrangement!"

 Clients: Christine Wondoloski
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

Our trip to Beijing was wonderful thanks to Steven, and what a nice person he is! We had no problem communicating with him and vice verse. Without him our trip would not have been a very rich experience. Steven shared so much information on the culture and history of China. I was very impressed with his knowledge.

The drivers were always so courteous and on time. Although we could not communicate with them, we always felt happy and safe in their presence.

I would definitely rate both a 5 and will recommend your service to anyone going to Beijing.

My husband is still in China and will be there for the next two weeks. He has our camera, but when he returns I will send you copies of our photos.

Thank you for your wonderful help!

"Excellent Job!"

 Clients: Kimberly Hackman
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

Kim, Piedad and I attended the tour with James as our guide. He was wonderful! We got off to a late start with miscommunication as he was at the hotel looking for a couple and there were three of us but eventually he figured out we were his tour.

He was very knowledgable, flexibile, hospitable, friendly and had excellent english skills. He seemed to love his job and it showed. He also was so thoughtful to take many pictures of us which created a great experience for us.

We did not eat that day but he offered many times. We were just not hungry in the heat.

The driver was very safe and pleasant.

It was a wonderful day and many?thanks to James.

"Brilliant Tour Guide!!! – From A Chinese Visitor!"

 Clients: Emily
 Nationality: Indonesia

Me and my husband’s family (parents, brothers and sister in law and nieces) had a wonderful time with Catherine in Beijing last year July. Cat organised everything very well for us: well-designed and flexible schedule, smooth transportation and all-dimension beijing experience. I’m from China and Hubby from Indonesia. First of all, I was quite satisfied with her knowledge for Beijing as someone growing up in China. She does know this city inside out. Fortunate enough for foreigners like my husband’s family, Cat could also deliver her vast knowledgoe to them perfectly in English. She was so considerate for every one of us, maintain her high standard service in a hot summer day and even manage to get a little trolley for the niece who refuses to walk anymore in the crowded forbidden place.

Cat is probably already famous enough even without my comment. But I was gonna wrtie something since last year. So here it is.

"Best Tour Guide Ever, We Highly Recommend Catherine Lu"

Clients: Lorraine Willison and George Willison
 Nationality: Australia

We had discussed a trip to China for a while – to be honest it’s somewhere neither of us ever thought we’d go. Our curiosity finally got the better of us and we booked ourselves 4 nights in Beijing and 4 in Shangai – just to get a taste of The Middle Kingdom.

For Beijing we decided an english speaking guide was a must and after reading Catherine Lu’s reviews on TA and making contact with her by email, with some questions which she answered promptly and concisely, we decided she was the one.

It was definitely the right decision. Our flight arrived very late on a Saturday night – Catherine arranged for her driver to collect us at Beijing airport. He was there, with clearly inscribed sign when we emerged from the arrivals hall. The car was modern, clean, comfortable and well air conditioned. We had him with us for the next 3 days.

Catherine met us in the hotel lobby at the pre-arranged time the next morning, her suggestion was that we visit the Mutianyu section of The Great Wall some 45 mins drive from central Beijing. We arrived at The Wall early – before the inevitable crowds. Catherine quickly arranged our chair lift tickets and we were soon standing on that astounding World Heritage structure – marveling at the massive feat of ancient engineering. After, we lunched with Catherine at a beautiful countryside Noodle Hut at Mutianyu

That afternoon she took us to The Lama Temple – which is fascinating and very colourful. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the Olympics ‘Bird’s Nest’ Stadium and The Water Cube.

Over the next 2 days Catherine made our visits to Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, The Summer Palace and Art 798 so informative, easy and hassle free. She became a joyous third member of our holiday – able to enjoy a joke – while always pointing out places and items of interest and arranging entry tickets in a flash.

Before our arrival she had booked our high-speed train tickets to Shanghai as we wanted a particular train and class. She also, made our dinner reservations and all worked like clockwork.

Catherine took such good care of us. Her English is excellent, she is very knowledgeable and told us some fascinating stories.

Catherine made our visit to Beijing so much fun, so memorable and hassle free, there were no hidden costs and no suggested shopping detours – we were sad to say goodbye to her.

"You Can’t Go Wrong With Catherine!"

Clients: Heather Vogel
 Nationality: America

After reading many reviews on TA I decided to book a 2 1/2 day tour with Catherine and am so glad I did! Her English is perfect; understanding of pop culture and an American sense of humor. Beijing is not an easy place to get around and having an English speaking guide is essential. During our short stay we went to; The Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Summer Palace, the Pearl Market, Tiananmen Square, the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall and Snack Street.

Catherine would quickly purchase our tickets, direct us on how to bypass the crowds and had a vast knowledge of the places we visited. Be sure to have her take you to the Beiping Ju Restaurant, we like it so much we went twice! Her drivers were very polite, always on time and in a spotless, air-conditioned car. We even used her service for a lift back to the airport at 5am with no problems.

Catherine will make sure your visit to Beijing is one you never forget! Thanks Catherine!

"I Would Recommend Her"

 Clients: Ali Abdulaziz Rajwani
 Nationality: India

Catherine was not available for the day I wanted.

She provided me with other options. In the end, I ended up simply getting her to send a driver to take me and my 6 year old son to the wall at Mutianya and Summer Palace.

Mr.Wu arrived on time with a smile, gave us water and drove in a safe manner.

I was also able to talk to Catherine to get some advice for the Summer Palace.

I would recommend her services

"Amazing Tour Service! Highly Recommend, You Will Not Regret It!"

Clients: Crystal Cheng
 Nationality: America

I scheduled a private tour with Catherine Lu Tour service and was completely satisfied with everything! They held true to their word. As they promised, there were no hidden fees or ploys to bring you to any jade market at all. Although Catherine was not available on the day I selected, she sent one of her other team members along, Linda, who was absolutely amazing. She was so sweet and nice. I couldn’t have imagined spending the day with anyone else! The driver was also very nice and was always available to pick us up whenever we needed to be shuttled over to the next place.

Linda knew Chinese history in and out. She was great at explaining the history of everything we were looking at. She even brought her iPad along which she used to pull up relevant photos of things she was explaining and gave me mini history lessons during the car ride, which was a really nice touch.

Have her take you to Bei Ping Ju restaurant. It is a local restaurant that is delicious and very reasonable in price. The menu is like a novel so you will surely find something that suits your palette. Linda is also great at suggesting things that Westerners would like and helps you select items off of the menu to make sure you will like them.

Linda is truly wonderful company! I would absolutely recommend Catherine Lu Tour service. She is very quick in responding to inquiries and she is super helpful in giving you suggestions and is willing to accommodate your every request. I also like this tour service because though they have pre-determined itineraries, you can actually design your own itinerary.Because this isn’t my first time to Beijing, I had already seen the main tourist attractions. Therefore, I wanted to check out some of the other areas of Beijing I didn’t get to see. I enjoy packing things in, so it wasn’t exactly leisurely but everything I wanted to see in a day was completely possible. During my 8 hour day with Linda, we were able to hit the following spots:

-QianMen street (famous pedestrian street that dates back to the Ming/Qing dynasties)
-National Center of Performing Arts (cool dome building surrounded by water, really neat architecture)
-Walked by Forbidden City/parks nearby (so scenic with little lakes where people can rent paddleboats)
-Checked out various hutongs. which are the traditional Chinese alleys and courtyard homes.
-Nanlouguxiang area – a hutong area and cute pedestrian street lined with fun shops
-Climbed up the Drum Tower and was able to catch a drum show
-Art District 798, a really unique part of town that has all these old factories that were converted into art galleries.

I highly recommend the above spots as I had a truly wonderful time visiting each of them.

Sign up for Catherine Lu Tour Service whether it’s for yourself or for a group. You will absolutely love it!

"Don’t Hesitate, Just Book!"

Clients: John Smith
 Nationality: America

My wife and I just came back from our vacation in China which Catherine helped us plan and organize and all I can say is Catherine met and exceeded all our expectations!

I was a little anxious planning a trip to China and hiring a local guide as opposed to the big foreign tour group companies but I’m so glad I decided to go with Catherine. I was able to get a completely private tour, customized to my wants for a much better price which is something the big foreign companies could not give me.

She not only helped organise the Beijing portion of our trip but also connected us to her colleague in Xi’an, Stefanie, who helped plan our trip to Xi’an. Stefanie was also very professional and did a great job so I’m very happy Catherine recommended Stefanie to us.

Although Catherine was booked during my stay, she set us up with her colleague Steven who was very good. Steven had in-depth knowledge of Chinese history which made the sights all the more interesting and he was able to answer all my questions. Upon our request, he was also able to make adjustments to our itinerary and he took us to some great local restaurants as we wanted to try authentic local cuisine.

I’m admittedly a bit of an over planner and I had probably sent back-and-forth around 90 emails to Catherine asking about all sorts of details, sending several different versions and updates to my plan and she was prompt and professional throughout all our correspondence. She even called us the day of our departure to make sure we had a good time, now that’s service!

I would whole heartedly recommend Catherine and her company to help plan your China trip.

Thank you Catherine for making our trip to your amazing country a wonderful experience.

"We Truely Enjoyed Our Days In Beijing!"

Clients: Rick Sebastian & Katie Sebastian
 Nationality: Ameriac

Hello Catherine

We are back in the US now from a great trip! Having Joey as a guide was a very good experience. He was attentive, knowledgable and had a great grasp of English. We enjoyed his sense of humor, his historical knowledge and encouraged him to consider being a professional teacher!

We enjoyed his perspective on Chinese culture past and present and appreciated his willingness to educate us about some political myths we have had. In our country we have several freedoms that I think we sometimes take for granted and we learned that you share similar freedoms and that your view of the world begins at home. We were happy to experience the freedom to move from place to place as we expected to meet with checkpoints or some barrier. We were happy to change that bias and incorrect belief!

Your drivers were very good, safety oriented and always courteous. We asked Joey to not take us to restaurants as we wanted to eat street food when available and he happily obliged. We were pleased.

We want to come back to China and made some great contacts both for business and leisure. We would certainly recommend your service and would rate that part of our experience a 5 as well.

Thank you very much for a great experience and we wish you and your colleagues continued success and well being. We truly loved our time in Beijing

Rick Sebastian & Katie Sebastian


"A Great Day!"

Clients: Peter Taylor
 Nationality: Australia

Catherine had been recommended by friends but she wasn’t available. No problem, she sent Joey. We couldn’t have seen all the things we needed to see in such a short space of time if we hadn’t had Joey to guide us. He was a great mix of info and humour and his English was great. We’re all quite adventurous eaters so Joey led us to a great little restaurant in the Hutongs where we dined on stir fried 5 different types of flowers amongst other interesting and authentic dishes. I would recommend Joey/Catherine to all.

"Thank You Very Much For Your Arrangement!"

Clients: Winnie Dao
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine

My family had a great day at the great wall today. Joey & Mr. Driver are very friendly & accommodating . We will sure use your service next time we are inBeijingagain !

Catherine , could you refer me to a tour guide in Xi'an in case I decide to hire one?

Thank you!


"Great Days In Beijing!"

Clients: Myka Wong
 Nationality: Signpore

My friends and I (all aged 23 and females) decided at the very last minute to jump on TripAdvisor to organise tours during our stay in Beijing. We received an extremely quick response from Catherine who advised us she was unfortunately already booked out but did manage to get her associates James and Steven to guide us during our 3 day tour.

Both James and Steven’s English was fantastic. They were more than happy to answer all our questions regarding the history of China and their knowledge was endless. We also felt that it was that one step of a better tour as we were able to get to know a little about them as well. It was amazing to see that our well being was of a major concern which was fantastic as the sites were quite heavily populated during July. The drivers were very punctual and would always arrive to the exact locations that we were waiting at. The restaurants that they took us were a delight to eat at and we felt they represented China’s food in the most delicious way possible!

The most memorable experience was day 2, where we did the hiking tour from Jiankou wall to the Mutianyu wall. This started off at the wild wall section, meaning it was not restored and stayed true to its age and then ended the hike on a renovated part of the wall. The hour (roughly) hike up to the great wall was the most difficult part but was most certainly an experience I would never take back. Steven was ever so patient with us and would constantly check if we needed to take a rest (which was many times). He was always shooting positive feedback to us which motivated us to reach the first watch tower. When we eventually made it, the view was breathtaking! The entire walk was worth all the sweat simply because of the memories! Everywhere you turned it was a picture perfect moment.

I can honestly say I will be leaving China with great memories and will be leaving new found friends behind. I highly recommend Catherine’s touring services and in particular Steven if you are wanting to experience the best of China, Beijing.

"Highly Recommended!!"

Clients: Vyna Nguyen
 Nationality: America

I contacted Catherine about her services and was not disappointed! Catherine was very efficient with responding to emails and price requests.
Unfortunately Catherine was not available for the dates I had requested, but recommended her colleague Steven, who was absolutely fantastic!

Steven was full of information, about the sites, the history and all sorts! He was very patient, recommended great places to eat and shop!

He was my tour guide for 1 day in Beijing city & also a day with private driver & car to see the Eastern Qing Tombs, both Steven & the driver were great!

I can not recommend them enough. When I do return to Beijing, I will definitely be requesting the services of Catherine and/or Steven again.

"“Great Tour And Definitely Worth It!"

Clients: Tommy Haskul
 Nationality: America

Just returned from Beijing and I have to say that I really enjoyed the 3 days that I booked using Catherine’s guide services. Unfortunately she was not available, so her colleague Steven was sent to assist us.

Steven was very thorough and answered everything we wanted to know about Beijing. I’ve never taken private tours before and was a little bit skeptical. Steven was very easy going and was flexible with our schedule. Never once did feel rushed at a site.

Steven also gave us a lot of useful tips and suggestions. He took us to all the local restaurants and tried different kinds of Chinese cuisines. Whatever he ordered was delicious!

I’m planning to go back to Beijing with another group of friends and will use Catherine’s service again.

Thanks for a memorable trip!!

"Thank You Very Much For Your Arrangement!"

 Clients: Teresa and Robert Cafaro
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine,

Our day in Beijing was excellent as this was our first time ever with a personal tour guide, and Steven was superb. He was prompt, courteous,highly knowledgeable and could not have done more to meet our needs and wishes. The restaurant he recommended was wonderful as my wife said it has been one of our best meals so far in Beijing. He is also a wonderful photographer and was very skilled at taking pictures with our smart phones. We feel the best part of our day with Steven was his recommendation to use the subway at rush hour to avoid a lengthy traffic delay. Using the subway system in a foreign country can be intimidating, but Steven patiently taught us how to use the Beijing system and we have been using it every day since. We even plan to use it to get to the airport when we leave Beijing on June 4.

We rate Steven excellence for his wonderful service as our tour guide and give the same high marks for our driver. Our plans are to be back in Beijing in May of 2012 and we will be in touch about using your services again at that time.


Bob & Teresa Cafaro

"Excellent Service!"

Clients: Roy Graves
 Nationality: America

James had a good command of the English language. He was not afraid to try a word and then take correction from us if he had it wrong.

James was very aware of our safety and our comfort. When we were tired, he stopped. When we were hungry, he stopped and arranged for food and drink. He told us where to stand for the best viewing and he took many pictures of us with our camera.We were never rushed and he gave us a little privacy when we were quietly talking between me and Roy. We enjoyed the fact that he knew about the United States and was able to make knowledgeable comparisons between the countries and cultures.

James was very knowledgeable about all of the dynasties and politics and facts about when things were built and all the important Chinese dates. I especially appreciated learning about the cultural norms, customs and beliefs of the Chinese people.

The driver was very quiet, as I believe he did not know any English or he did not use any English with us. He was polite and very prompt. The car was perfectly clean and looked and smelled good. His driving skills were amazing!

We ate in a hutong restaurant and really appreciated both the food and the hospitality. On the second day we ate at a “western” restaurant, and that was a nice change of pace, too.

"My Trip To Beijing Was Fantastic!"

Clients: Ms. Christiane Fruehe
 Nationality: German

Hello Catherine:

My trip to Beijing was fantastic and large part of its success goes to James. James brought a lot of positive energy to the tour and it was very relaxing traveling with him. He was very knowledgeable on the cultural sites and provided information which kept the tour interesting. Both choices for lunch were excellent local places that offered food that was reasonably priced and delicious. James asked me if I would be interested in trying local places that were not touristy, I said was very interested and both places ( the 2 nd on recommended by the driver ) were perfect choices. The driver to the Great Wall was efficient , pleasant and calm, we was a bit quiet but he drove us to all the locations on time and comfortably. He spoke very little English but he always greeted us with a smile. I felt very comfortable with him. Thanks again for helping to make my experience in Beijing the highlight of my trip to China.

"We Had A Great Trip In Beijing!"

 Clients: Elizabeth Wishall
 Nationality: America

Dear Catherine,

We had a great trip in Beijing! James was excellent! We would give him a 5 on everything! His English is excellent! His knowledge is excellent! He was very patient with us. He chose very good restaurants and helped us order! He has a great sense of humor and we very much enjoyed him. The itinerary was also good. The drivers were good, especially our first one- he picked us up at the airport and drove us to the Great Wall. This driver was our favorite. The other driver was okay but his driving was not the best. He seemed to become impatient easily with the other cars and even with us. But he was okay. He is the one who drove us to the airport- no problems.

Once again, James is excellent and we thoroughly enjoyed him! Please tell him this. We gave him a tip but I hope it was enough- dealing in your currency was a little confusing at times, so I hope we adequately showed him our appreciation.

Thank you again.

Beth Wishall

"Great Job!"

Clients: Stephanie Joe
 Nationality: San Francisco, California

James was a wonderful tour guide. His strengths were that he was prompt, attentive and flexible. He had a wonderful easy going personality and was amenable to our changing needs. We traveled with our 3 kids ages: 13 yrs. 12 yrs and 8 yrs old.

My youngest one was suffering from Jet lag from the 12  hour flight from California and James was very accommodating. He asked the driver to drop part of our group off at the hotel and take the others to the next site. He did this in a very professional manner.

Also,James was happy to go at the speed that we wanted to when we visited the sights. If the crowds were overwhelming, he was happy to go more quickly and if we wanted to linger he was more than happy to allow us more time.

He exhibited good knowledge of all the sights, was happy to answer our many questions and was extremely helpful.


"Excellent Service!"

Clients: Rima Kirwan
 Nationality: Australia

Hi Catherine

We had a really good trip to Beijing and were happy to be able to see all the wonderful sights. Your colleagues were also very good guides, we especially took a shining to James. James was very helpful and extremely knowledgeable on the history and facts of all the places we visited. His English is very good and he was very helpful in recommending good places to eat, especially since I am a vegetarian. He is very kind and easy to get along with.

Rima Kirwan

"We Are Very Happy With Your Arrangement"

Clients: Cathy Gonzalez & John
 Nationality: America

Thank you for providing us with an excellent tour of Bejing. Amanda was a delight and we enjoyed spending 3 days with her.

She arrived promptly every morning, was pleasant and cheerful, and tried very hard to please us. For instance, I wanted to go to the Pearl Market and we were able to do that easily after the Templeof Heaven.

Amanda speaks beautiful English….we never had a difficult time understanding her.

She explained everything very clearly and has an amazing knowledge of your history and culture. We now understand many of the meanings of the symbols used in Chinese art and culture.

The driver whom you sent to pick us up at the airport when we arrived was easy to find. His sign was clear & he showed us quickly to the car & got us to the Park Plaza Hotel with no problems.

When we went to the Great Wall the driver was also very good……I think that the price for the car for the day was a little high, but we were comfortable. We also enjoyed the experience of riding the subway. Taxis were sometimes difficult to find and of course traffic always very slow.

Overall, I would highly recommend your service. I cannot imagine how we could have see so much and found the many interesting sites without a guide.

I will highly recommend you on Tripadvisor when I return to theUSand will send you some photos directly…..not on the website.

Cathy Gonzalez


"I Have A Wonderful Trip In Beijing!"

Clients: Ignacio Morfin
 Nationality: Mexican

Hi Catherine,

Our visit to China was great and we did really enjoy it.

Most of the service was very good. Amanda was very nice and she did provide a professional service. Her knowledge and language skills was good. I was very satisfied with her service and the restaurants were good.

I also enjoyed the transfers from hotel to airport (the drivers were well experienced, I would prefer someone driving defensively if you know what I mean), however the driver we had for our tour was not necessarily as experienced but he was very kind!.

Generally I will rate the tour as 5 and I will recommend it to my friends visiting China.

Thanks again for all the support and service provided. BTW, service from Xian was also very professional and good.



Clients: George Mychaskiw
 Nationality: America

Catherine was not available, but sent Amanda. We had a wonderful experience in the 3 days we spent in Beijing. Amanda was friendly, accommodating and spoke English well. The whole experience was well coordinated, from pick up at the airport at 5 in the morning to drop-off three days later. I strongly recommend Catherine and her guides.

"The MUST HAVE Guide For Beijing"

 Nationality: Indonesia

On June 2012, we, a group of family of 13 with kids, teenagers and even two 75 years old grandmother ( one with back problem and the other with knee problem) , travel to Beijing and spend 4 nights there. We choose Catherine based on the great review she got on TA. And we are the living proof that those great reviews she had are REAL and TRUE.

On the night of arrival, our connecting flight from Hong Kong got delayed twice; the first one is due to queuing for take off (about 1 hour or so ). The second is when we are already in the air on our way to Beijing and there’s some issue of waiting for the clearance to fly in certain area. As we already know, the military control the air traffic in Mainland China, so we literally flying in circle for about 1 hour to wait for the clearance to pass that area.
After landing, right after switching on our smartphones, we got email saying that since we have not yet arrive as scheduled ( which is not our fault anyway), the hotel has to let go our booking. You can image how frustrated we are because at 23.00pm you got 13 people with no place to sleep.

So, in hoping that Cathy is not yet asleep, I called her and ask her to clarify the situation with the hotel and 10 minutes later, Cathy called and everything is OK, we still got all the room with specific details arrangement as we requested earlier. Nicely done , considering we have previously agreed that she will not be there to pick us up, because the driver can do that already.

During the tour, Cathy can get along very well with all the member of the groups. It is difficult to lead a group with diverse pace such as our family. You have to address the needs of adventures for the kids and teenagers, be very helpful to the parents.

More, you have to be very patient and understanding with the 2 grandmothers who had a slow pace in walking, with their every 10 minutes break to sit, and yet both still want to see everything. Not to mentioned her prompt action in finding my brother who got lost in Summer Palace….. Good Job Cathy !

She has the courtesy with enough leadership ability to keep the group moving along very well without being stressed out and exhausted or even bored to move from 1 site to another …. Not an easy job to do … And Cathy did an excellent job on it!!

Words just can’t describe the great time we have in Beijing with her  The kids loves her, and the teenagers feels at ease chatting with her…….

Me, my husband and all the parents are very thank full for her and the grandmothers misses he and still talk about her all the time. We have great time in Beijing and Catherine is the ingredients that make it all possible.

"Thank You Very Much For Your Arrangement!"

Clients: Violeta Blagoeva & Harprit Singh
 Nationality: Bulgarian and German

Dear Catherine,

We had a great time in Beijing, and were very happy with Maggie – she was very accommodating, and was happy to answer all the questions we had for her. Her English is excellent, we had absolutely no communication issues. In general we thought Maggie is very friendly and helpful, with a good sense of humor, and a pleasure to be around.

She recommended and booked a dinner for us in Da Dong – we liked the restaurant so much that we ended up going there three nights in a row!

The driver was also very friendly, and we found the transport service good.

Thank you again for arranging the trip, and we hope to be back in Beijingin the not too distant future.

Kind regards!

"What A Great Tour In Beijing!"

Clients: Leonardo Silveira do Sul Ferreira
 Nationality: British/Brazilian

Hi Catherine,

I have to say that I’m really impressed by the quality and professionalism of your services.

Since my first e-mail to you the reply was always very quick and the information provided precise and helpfull. The driver was very good, polite, well presented, always on time, ready to stay with us as long as we needed, the car was clean and comfortable, the child seats were also new and clean and the correct type for the ages and weight, and he was also a safe driver.

The tour guide that you recommended, Maggie was simply brilliant ! She was also very polite, always on time, well presented, good natured and also ready to stay with us as long as we needed. She spoke very good English and she was very informative during the tours and quite flexible to organize and tailor the days to suit our needs.

The restaurants that she suggested were also very good, we loved Dadong !! We went to China as a birthday present to my son, he wanted to go to China, Maggie was very caring and patient with him and gave him a lot of attention, he adored her, and to top it all off, on the last day she left a surprise present to our son on the Van which made him super happy and us too for this personnal touch.

I have to say that if I ever go back to Beijing I would for sure use your services again and I would also request Maggie as the guide, she deserves a big 5 !

Thanks for the amazing service that you provided to us, we really enjoyed our trip to Beijing!

Leonardo Ferreira

"Thank You For Your Arrangement!"

Clients: Denise and George Ponchak
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

We just arrived home. After Beijing, we were in Tianjin, Xi’an and Lhasa.Maggie was an excellent tour guide. She arrived on time, showed us all the sights we requested and was extremely flexible with us. She went at our speed and never appeared tired. She has excellent English and was very pleasant to be with. It was clear she was proud of her country and knowledgeable about the history.I hope to return to Beijing next April and will definitely book with you (and Maggie) again.

Sincerely, Denise

"We Had A Great Time In Beijing With Maggie!"

Clients: Candice Cooper and Hamza Rouissi
 Nationality: America

Hi Catherine,

Our trip to China was amazing. We had a fantastic time. Maggie was a wonderful tour guide. She was knowledgeable about each place that we went to. My husband and I asked so many questions and even had a few special requests and she handled them all flawlessly. She was really the key to making our trip so memorable. I honestly feel like I walked away with a new friend.

Her English is great. We had no problems understanding each other.

She had a positive attitude and took all of our requests in stride. She was punctual each morning and made sure that we had our itinerary properly planned each day

She had a great expanse of knowledge in terms of history but also provided us with great insights into the cultural and daily life of Chinese people.

The driver to the Great Wall was fine no problems. All the restaurants that she chose were lovely. We don’t eat pork and she made sure to check each item that we ordered for us with the restaurant to make sure we didn’t get any. Not a bad experience in any of her choices.

"Linda Was An Excellent Guide!"

 Clients: Carole Ann Wagstaff
 Nationality: UK

Based on Trip Advisor reviews I contacted Catherine for a two day tour in Beijing. Her replies were speedy and efficient, and though she wasn’t available, she agreed to send James – I’d read reviews about James so was happy. In the event, our guide was Linda – it would have been good to know in advance that we weren’t getting James, but Linda turned out to be superb! We spent a fabulous 2 days seeing all the usual sights (including going to the Olympic Birds Nest stadium, which thrilled my husband!), and were impressed by Linda’s English and her knowledge. She is extremely knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humour. She took us to good (but very reasonable!) restaurants on both days, and never once to anywhere where she would have received an extra commission! I would recommend Linda without hesitation.


"Short 4 Days Trip In Beijing!"

Clients: Leung Alan
 Nationality: HK

It was a good holiday with everything well organized. Catherine has arranged me a guide called Cookier. She is very knowledgeable especially the forbidden city. Even though she could be more knowledgeable elsewhere like the background history of Beijing or places we visited, she is already done a very good job and always in good attitude during service.. We appreciated very much for her service

Driver was very professional and considerate. He is always punctuate, in good and positive attitude and always eager to help..

Thanks so much for both of them, making my short holiday in BJ a joyful one.

"Lovely Girl, Made The Most Of Our Time!"

 Clients: Paul
 Nationality: America

I booked Catherine after reading her reviews and receiving very prompt emails in excellent English.
We had 2 days where we saw the great wall, Ming tombs, forbidden city, Confucius temple and hutongs tour.
We were driven in 7 seater cars amongst the Beijing traffic  with friendly safe drivers. Catherine gave information as we went to make it all the more interesting.
Catherine took us to a very local restaurant one day for lunch which were nervous about but the food was second to none. Delicious understates completely. The second day we had lunch in a local Hutong cooked by the lady who lived there. Real home cooking which was a real privilege not to mention some of the best food we had too.
Having Catherine made all the difference. She’s friendly, easy to understand, knowledgeable and punctual. She arranged our airport transfers and evening driver too. We had only had 3 days in Beijing but we definitely made the most of it by employing Catherine!

"Best Day We Had In Beijing!"

 Clients: Julie elliott
 Nationality: Britain

I can recommend getting in touch with Catherine to help advise/plan a trip in china. I only wish we had more time to engage her services. We had a very short visit- 1 free day. Catherine always promptly answered emails–she planned our day.
As she was booked she lined up a guide ‘Stephen’ for us and a driver- they were great. Very punctual/polite- and very helpful in providing information about the forbidden city/ T square/ and the wall. WE also had a good cheap lunch.
My advice would be let her giude you with what you want to do….she knows her job.

"Friendly Yet Professional!"

Clients: Shim Yok Lam
 Nationality: Malaysia

Our family of four just returned from China after a week’s holiday. Prior to that, we got in touch with Catherine about possible itineraries, and she was always rather prompt and offered additional services. At the end, she arranged our airport-hotel transfer and pre-bought our train tickets to Xian and even recommended a local guide there. Everything went smooth during our side trip, thanks to her support.

We did a two-day tour with Catherine personally in Beijing. She made us all feel comfortable within minutes of meeting each other. She was a fantastic organizer and took care of details seamlessly from transport, tickets, meals and even some whimsical requests from our kids. We were impressed how resourceful she was, scoring good seats in last minute show bookings etc.

She could communicate very well with our group, not only because of her language proficiency but also because of her reading of the different personalities, and catered accordingly.

On our last evening in Beijing, she made our dinner reservation and since it was difficult to get a table at the snooty Dadong Duck Restaurant, she called the restaurant that night while we were in a queue to ensure that we would be given a table. What a nice touch!

"Catherine Is A Lifesaver!"

Clients: JoDee & Stephen Cronin
 Nationality: America

Gosh, where to start!

I found Catherine Lu through internet and I’m so glad I did. I planned a trip for me, my husband and his parents (my in-laws). Naturally, I wanted to make sure we were in the care of a professional, to maximize our sight seeing and minimize my stress level. The price was awesome, so I booked 3 days in Beijing…but keep reading to find out how Catherine helped us elsewhere:

1. Itinerary planning: Catherine was prompt on email to discuss our itinerary. She was cooperative when we told her we wanted to do the JInshandling-Simitai portion of the wall, and worked around that. She knows all the top things you want to see, and structured a nice 3 day plan.

2. Her guides: We LOVED James. He was at our hotel promptly, and we immediately liked him. He is warm, friendly, cool, and has a great sense of humor. Our whole family enjoyed his company.

3. Timeliness and schedule: James was always on time, and we sticked to the schedule–as much or as little as we wanted! One day, we were tired, so we opted to hang out at a rooftop bar in the Yandai Byway. He hung out with us, and we had a nice time discussing cultures.

4. Catherine’s extra help: After our first experience with the Beijing airport, we decided we wanted drivers lined up for future trips to/from. Catherine was able to set this up very easily. Everything went as scheduled, and she saved us a lot of stress. She probably did this 3 times for us–free of charge.

PLUS: We had no guide set up for Xian. I wrote Catherine the day before, and she set up a tour for us with a colleague in Xian, airport pickup and everything. Do not be fooled–Xian is a HUGE city, and it’s no picnic to get to and from. Catherine’s contact saved us a lot of stress. Again, she did this for no charge, no consulting fee.

I cannot recommend Catherine Lu highly enough. Do yourself a favor, save yourself the stress, and hire her.

Visited April 2012

"DEDICATED, PROFESSIONAL And CARING – These Are What Makes Catherine An AWESOME Guide"

Clients: Gina Koh
 Nationality: Signpore

I was in Beijing in June and had Catherine for my guide for 4 days. Travelling with 2 young children aged 6 and 8yrs old, I was initially worried bringing them around Beijing. I must say the best decision I made was hiring Catherine!!!

Not only did she help ease my fears, she was like a “big sister” to my children. Despite my children many tantrums, I was amazed at how Catherine was able to keep them entertained; from playing shutter cork at park to finding my insistent son’s xiao long bao to ensuring he gets to his summer wushu classes in time! All the time engaging them in the history of the various places we went to! Oh n not forgetting encouraging my 6yr old along the great wall such that she completed a whole 4.5hr trek from tower 6 to 23 of mutianyu!

If u ever need a guide, she’s one guide I will highly recommend! Catherine kudos to you!

"We Had A Great Hiking Day From Jiankou To Mutianyu!"

 Clients: Neo Ah Moi
 Nationality: Signpore

Steven is a wonderful guy.You are right, he is a patient and helpful young man.As i was panting and struggling hard to climb, he took over my DSLR camera and helped me to take many beautiful shots. I have no complaint about him rather i think we gave me more worry. We were slow. Fortunately we reached Mutianyu great wall merely in time. We would have missed the cable car station if we were five minutes late. Mamma Mia!

Overall everything went smoothly. We truly enjoyed the hike. We all like Steven. I will definitely recommend you and your comapny to anyone who wants to scale Jiankou great walls.

Thank you so much again, Catherine. We wish you SUCCESS AND PROSPERITY IN YOUR BUSINESS.

"Book It!!! Trust Me!!!"

 Clients: Ryan and Liz Pasternak
 Nationality: Britain

My husband and I recently returned from our first trip to Asia that started in Beijing. We wanted to see a lot in the few days and looked into booking a private guide (which we had never done before). After reading all the positive reviews on Trip Advisor, we knew that we had to contact Catherine Lu – and I’m so glad we did!!!! Catherine was unavailable but she booked us with her colleague Steven who was an EXCELLENT guide!!! Catherine always wrote back right away and she arranged everything for us from our airport pick up/drop off, two amazing days touring in Beijing, restaurant reservations and tickets to an acrobatic show. Steven was informative, personable and able to answer any questions that we had. He was extremely helpful when it came to my vegetarian diet and always took us to restaurants that had veggie options for me. My favourite meal was at a small dumpling restaurant near the drum tower. He ordered the most delicious cucumber salad and mushroom dumplings for me, I was very impressed!!! He was very patient, flexible and kind. He was also a great photographer. He knew where to get all the perfect shots and took many for us to chose from to make sure that we got the perfect pictures. Everything from start to finish was seamless. My husband and I are seasoned travelers but we could NEVER have seen or arranged everything without Catherine Lu’s services. The amount that Steven and Catherine were able to arrange for us in the three nights/two full days we had in Beijing was unbelievable. What an experience!!!! Look no further and book with Catherine Lu! I would not hesitate to recommend Catherine or Steven to anyone looking for a private tour in Beijing. Thanks again Catherine and Steven!

"We Enjoyed Our Stay In Beijing!"

Clients: Tom Kramer and his family
 Nationality: Australia

Catherine was an absolute pleasure to have accompany us. We are a family of 5 including 3 teenagers. They’re usually difficult to please. However, we were all enthralled by Catherine’s destination knowledge and her ability to think outside the square to meet our needs and wants. She was sensitive to our moods and when we tired she gave us pit stops. There were some lovely extras which we didn’t anticipate and so had no preconceptions.They’re the best bits of any trip. These included dining at hidden away restaurants and Chinese acrobat theatre. Most importantly, she and Mr Wong, the driver, were reliable and they under promised and over delivered.
We also found that, from a cost point of view, taking a stock standard bus tour was around the same price as Catherine charges for a family. Of course, with a regular bus tour you have no flexibility and are part of a large crowd. With Catherine its VIP all the way.

"Great Guide, Great Person!"

Clients: Robson and Regiane
 Nationality: Brazil

Catherine stayed with us (me, my wife and our 2 daughters, 6 and 10 yo.) for 3 days in Beijing and we loved her guidance and support. She was all the time very kind, polite and open. She is also very professional and organized everything for us; transfers, tickets for the shows, car and driver, dining, shopping support ( she even bargained for us ! ), everything. The tours were very well organized and we could do the most out of our time. She was always very caring with our kids and they really liked her, even considering my daughters don’t speak English. We really enjoyed every meal she organized for us, and she was very assertive on choosing the right plates for our taste. Catherine is a certified tour guide, so we didn’t had to pay any ticket for her and we could feel that she was well respected everywhere. We strongly recommend her if you want a pleasant and trouble free stay in Beijing.


"Catherine Lu Is A Great Organizer!"

Clients: Professor Susan Duffy Simmons College
Nationality: Boston Amearica

I was fortunate enough to have Catherine’s services during my first trip to Beijing, China. We were a travel-course group from Simmons College in Boston, USA with 19 students and 2 professors. Because we had a large group and a very complex itinerary, it was essential that we were led by someone with Catherine’s expertise. Her command of English, knowledge of China generally and Beijing specifically, and her sophisticated management of travel logistics made our overall experience outstanding. Catherine also has important relationships with top quality bus drivers and knows how to navigate the local environment to assure a positive experience for all. I highly recommend Catherine’s services and will definitely use her again if I return to China.

"Great 2 Day Program In Beijing With Private Tour Guide!"

Clients: David Fu
 Nationality: Britain

As there are 4 of us + luggage we used Catherine’s airport pick up service. Non of us know Beijing well and arriving at midnight as well this was a service well worthwhile. On exiting the customs, the guide was there with our name on the board. He was polite and helpful.
We asked Catherine to suggest a full two day for us and we were certainly pleased with the results. First day we went to the Temple of Heaven, then the summer palace. The second day we went to see the wall at Mutainyu which is about 90 minutes away. Once again we had a great time as this place is a bit further away, there were only a few tourist apart from us. All in all you get 8 hours of great service per day to include walking around the hutong areas, and the infamous Pearl Market. Apart from making some great suggestions to eat, we all had a lunch in a very chinese place which only does hot pots – truly fascinating experience!
If you are in Beijing, and as an alternative to be herded around, she really is as good as many of the great reviews she has received!

"We Had A Wonderful Day-Thank You To Catherine Lu!"

Clients: Victoria Riggs
 Nationality: Australia

Hi, Catherine

The tour was amazing. Your English was excellent and your knowledge of Chinese culture, way of life, and historical information was great. The trip to the Great Wall was one of the highlights of my entire time in Beijing. I wished we could have spent a little more time at the Summer Palace, but I realize the time was running out for our day with you.

I like that you tailored the trip to what we wanted to see. It made the trip much more personal.

Lunch was great! The choice of restaurant and food was a true Chinese experience.

Please thank our driver. He was charming, friendly, and most of all a good driver.

We loved you Catherine!! You made this trip a great one. Best wishes with your future endeavors.

"It Was A Privilege Having Catherine As Our Guide!"

 Clients: Nancy Rivera-Sosa
Nationality: America

My family and I just returned from Beijing last week. We utilized Catherine for 4 days along with her arranged car service. We found Catherine to be very friendly and extremely knowledgeable. Her advice in planning our itinerary over the four days we stayed in Beijing was right on point. It was just the right mix of activities to keep all of us entertained and engaged including my 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter. She was thoughtful and understanding when dealing with our children particularly their multiple bathroom breaks throughout the day:-). Her English was excellent and we appreciated having someone to interpret for us. She avoided the typical tourist traps and provided excellent advise on where to dine – we never had a bad meal. Anyone visiting Beijing would be privileged to have Catherine as their guide

"Catherine Lu Deserves The Praise She Has Received In Her Reviews!"

 Clients: Jeffrey Lee Dahlquist
Nationality: America

We visited Beijing15 through 18 March 2012. We have two daughters, 8 and ten and were interested in seeing sights around Beijingand the Great Wall. Catherine responded quickly to all of our e mail questions and offered ideas. She is very knowledgeable and her English is excellent. She paid extra attention to both of our daughters and kept little candies in her purse so the girls paid attention to her conversation and information. We love photos of our vacations and since I am the photographer I rarely appear in many photos but Catherine having visited and photographed all of the sights she has incredible insight into angles and photo setups most people will overlook. She just took my camera and started shooting and posing us and the children at many sights, though at first reluctant I decided to let her do what she felt was best and it is apparent she has a love of photography, a keen eye and an ability to use a variety of equipment with skill. Let go and hand her the camera! Chances are you won’t do better or if you want you can do some photographing after she does it.
We loved the tour of the Forbidden City best. She set up a restaurant after that and it was incredible. We also loved the acrobatic show in the evening but our youngest daughter had fallen ill with strep throat and was in need of Tylenol to control fever. Catherine got us excellent seats for the show and asked me the name of the medicine we needed, typed it into her cellphone, got a translation and said “I will be back in a minute”. Moments before the show started she ran in and handed me the tylenol which quickly transformed my daughter into a happy observer and saved the evening. One cannot pay enough for this type of professionalism. Catherine carries and uses a cellphone while on the tour to arrange whatever you want to do ahead of time. Lines to enter sights are frequently bypassed as she buys tickets for entry then takes you to a much shorter side entry.
To sum up our experience we highly recommend Catherine as a tour guide. Language and confusion can be quite an issue on a vacation in Beijing and since time was short and I was unfamiliar with ticketing, lines and procedures we decided it was best to secure a guide and it was the best decision we could have made. Catherine caters her service to your exact needs, is flexible, warm and professional. There is no fear you are being gouged over ticket prices or she is taking you to tourist sights to return later for a “cut” of the sales, in fact she avoids the cheesy stuff and all ticket prices printed are exactly what she charged.
Book Catherine if possible. Tell her what you want to do and leave the logistics to her. Go enjoy your vacation worry free and get the most possible out of your time there without squabbling over the silly little stresses that can spoil any valuable moment. We HIGHLY recommend her services and recommend you tell her what you want, hand over the camera and sit back and enjoy what is a truly hassle free and enjoyable vacation. You will leave her feeling as you have made a friend in China.

"Stop Looking, You’ve Found Her – Catherine Lu Is THE Guide For Beijing!"

Clients: Kelly & Kevin
 Nationality: America

We found Catherine through several travel forums and then read the reviews on TA. Although we always shop around, all of our research, communication and negotiation kept coming back to Catherine Lu. We could not have been more pleased with our experience with her and are only sorry we didn’t have more time in Beijingwith her!

We spent one day (March 25th) with Catherine visiting the Great Wall at Mutianyu, the Bird’s Nest and Water cube, the Lama Temple, and finally a tour of the Hutongs before returning to our hotel. Her and her driver were professional, punctual, positive and personable. She has a clear enthusiasm for her city and the sites around and within that was infectious and only encouraged us to ask more and more questions, which she was only too eager to answer. Although the driver (who was nicely dressed and professional) did not speak English, it seemed as though he enjoyed his work and his day as well as Catherine would relay information about our conversations back and forth and relay his input back to us. We shared some laughs with him as a result.

What we found most important is that we connected with her on a human level immediately. We are an adventurous family of four, including our two sons aged 10 & 11. She engaged in conversation with each and every single one of us and that continued for the entire day. Her English is so good, that our conversations were very in depth on a wide variety of socio-economic, political and travel related subjects. She spoke not just to the adults, but also at a level our two boys easily understood about life in China and that they could in turn tell her about life in America. Indeed, she asked questions of us – taking an interest in her clients – that fostered further discussions throughout the day. It really was like we were visiting a good friend in Beijing, and not spending a day with a tour guide.

As others have so aptly put it, she is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge about all of the sites we visited. No question – even those from our sons – was too little for her. There are things she will tell you about life in China and the sites we visited that cannot be found in any travel website, book, or even on Wikipedia. Seriously.

Finally, we realized we didn’t book enough time with her. As our day was ending, we asked for recommendations of shops, restaurants, etc. and she was only too willing to oblige. Her recommendations were spot on. During our visit to the Great Wall, she selected a restaurant for us for lunch and ordered a fantastic selection of food that we all enjoyed.

The bad news: we didn’t spend enough time with her (and felt we could have spent a week+ with her). The good news: we’ll absolutely use her and get to see and spend more time with her on our return trip to Beijing! If you do not book with Catherine, you will be doing yourself a disservice. Her services are more cost effective and competitive than any tour agency out there and your expectations will be surpassed.

Book her services…now.

"Our Family All Enjoyed The Trip With Catherine Lu!"

Clients: Joe, Teresa and Abby
 Nationality: America


We just recently (Friday) got back to the US from our wonderful trip to China. We’ve had so much to do, but now I can finally get to answering emails and downloading our photos from camera to computer.

First, on behalf of Teresa and Abigail, I would like to thank you very sincerely, once again, for being our tour guide and friend in Beijing. You were fabulous; we owe you a debt of gratitude. But more than just a knowledgeable tour guide, you are a most kind and hospitable person. We very much enjoyed our time with you, visiting the sites, taking lunch and moving from place to place. Though we had different types of experiences in Guangzhou and Hong Kong, I feel our time in Beijing was the most special. This was because you thoroughly assisted in all aspects of our travel, from day-to-day itinerary, dinner reservations, transport and other suggestions. We could not have had such a great time visiting Beijing without you, so thank you so very much.

"Catherine Lu Became A Member Of Our Family!"

Clients: Mr Wong, Tiong Kiat
 Nationality: Signpore

Hi Catherine

Thank you for showing us around Beijing.

The kids missed you when they were in Shanghai. We really enjoyed visiting the sights in Beijing…. We also got to experience local culture like watching the retirees exercise at the Temple of Heaven, flying kite at Olympic Stadium.

Thank you so much for taking care of my kids especially at the Great Wall where I was unable to go up. They really enjoyed the chair-lift and the toboggan ride.

You were really good at bargaining with the sales people too, hence we got a better deal : )

Your English was perfect, good enough for us to understand you. Glad that you spoke to us in Mandarin too…. Singaporeans tend to mix English, Mandarin and Malay when we speak. Glad you understood our Mandarin and helped us to practice our Mandarin too.

Your explanation of the Forbidden City, Summer Palace,Templeof Heaven andLamaTemplewas just right not too lengthy.

Well, at least after visiting those places, I am rather interested to buy a book on the history of China.

The vans were spacious and comfortable. The younger driver was very pleasant … the older driver was rather grumpy… but I can understand that… my dad is like too, he often worries about where to park his car in